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Keeping Warm After Carpet Removal

Keeping Warm After Carpet Removal

There’s no doubt about it. Carpeting will make a room warmer and works as a great insulating material for your floors and home. However, many people prefer the look of hardwood floors and so it’s understandable that you may have wanted to make a change. Once carpet is removed, an uninsulated floor can account for […]

How To Fix Drafty Windows

Drafty Windows

John K. asks: As the temperatures have started to drop over the last couple weeks, I have noticed cold air coming from around my windows even with the windows closed tightly. New windows are not in the budget and I was wondering what I could do to lessen their impact through the winter.

Why are my shingles lifting?

Damaged roof shingles

Bob asks: I have a new home, just 2 years old. It’s located in a rural area on a 1-acre lot with no windbreak close by. Recently we had a BIG and sustained wind storm, lasting more than 36 hours. We lost approximately 10 shingles and during the storm and I witnessed many of my shingles “lifting” dramatically up from the roof. My neighbors didn’t lose any shingles, nor did their shingles “lift” in the wind as mine did. What causes this to happen?

What Are Those Dark Spots Around My Chimney?

Dark chimney stains

Tom Asks: My roof has developed dark stains on along the edge and up around my chimney. Neighbor says it is mold? I would like to know what it is and how I can clean it off of the roof?

What are there signs that my hot water heater is about to die?

Hot water tank

Hey Sue, Hot showers are a luxury we tend to take for granted until they are not available, due to a broken water heater. Nobody wants to wake up to a shower that will not heat up, it’s pure agony. This is a reality for many people as they take their water heater for granted […]

What is the best way for locating a roof leak?

water stains on ceiling

Hey Sarah, Spring in Michigan means rain which means if you have any leaks in your roof, they will begin to make themselves known. The watermarks you notice appearing somewhere on your ceiling are a clear sign of a leak. However, because of insulation or other diversions, the source of the leak may be far away […]

Repairing a Door With Stripped Hinges

Fixing stripped door hinges

Sharon, Stripped hinge holes on door frames are a common occurrence. Especially when there are kids in the homes, I have two myself and I know they are not delicate when it comes to using handles. After years of stress, hinges can come right out of the wall! It can be frustrating, but it doesn’t […]