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Best of HomeAdvisor 2017

best of homeadvisor 2017

At Pro Home Improvement, we’re consistently proud of the work we do. We strive to satisfy our customers, serve the community and protect the environment in everything we do. We consistently receive great feedback from our clients after completing projects and we appreciate all feedback that we receive. But it is always nice to also receive recognition from a prominent company like HomeAdvisor. We were recently notified that we are a “Best of HomeAdvisor 2017 Award” Winner!

What is HomeAdvisor?

HomeAdvisor is a central resource for finding out about various home improvement companies. They help to match you with the exact home improvement provider that you need so you can get your work done and be totally satisfied with the result. Since they have been so consistent over the years, they have become a trusted name in the field of home improvement.

Why is Pro Home Improvement being recognized?

Pro Home Improvement exemplifies quality work practices, premier service and are a valued resource for homeowners. HomeAdvisor has collected over 2 million ratings and reviews from actual homeowners that have hired companies to do work on their homes. You can see more of these ratings and reviews by visiting our company profile on HomeAdvisor.

The winners are chosen based on 3 criteria:

  1. Quality – Superior work practices. Cheap workmanship is not tolerated and is immediately found out and reported on HomeAdvisor.
  2. Service – Commitment to providing the best assistance. Pro Home Improvement has proven a dedication to their customers by going above and beyond the call of duty consistently on every project.
  3. Value – Offering a fair price for the quality of work being provided. Pro Home Improvement has shown that they are priced competitively within their market and for the high level of service they provide, they give an overwhelming amount of value.

Winners of this award had the highest rankings and reviews within all companies in the entire HomeAdvisor network. If you are considering doing some work to your roof, windows, siding, insulation or gutters, be sure to trust your home to the Pros at Pro Home Improvement, HomeAdvisor 2017 Best Of Award Winner!