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Window Tips for Keeping Out the Heat

Windows provide much-needed light and airflow through a home, transforming every room from a dark cavern into a welcoming space. We love windows! They are truly a necessity in our lives. Imagine your home without windows? The trouble is, they tend to be the source of a lot of wasted energy.

The sun beats down on windows causing what is called an increased “solar load”. The more the sun’s rays can enter your windows, the more heat your air conditioning unit has to run to remove that heat – a very inefficient process. So what can you do to prevent this? You can make a few changes to the windows in your home to save a ton of money this summer.

  1. Prevent the sun from ever reaching your windows. Planting shade trees or other large shrubs can help reduce energy bills by quite a bit. I don’t mean you should obscure your view, that would defeat the purpose of windows! Rather, selecting trees or shrubs that can cast a shadow, preferably on the southern exposure of your home is the optimal choice. A large maple tree on the south side of your house can be worth thousands of dollars per year in reduced energy consumption.
  2. Blinds are the second line of defense. Blinds come in dozens of shapes, sizes and colors to match your interior decor style. Modern blinds are very easy to install and can save tons of money by preventing the sun’s rays from reaching an interior surface, provided they are kept closed when the sun is shining in.
  3. Heavy or layered curtains help block the sun as well. Blinds may not block all of the rays that can come in, so that is where a heavier curtain may do a better job.
  4. Missing caulk around the window. Replacing caulk around the perimeter of your window can help reduce energy loss from drafts. It is not a perfect fix, but it can help in the short-term to get energy bills down.
  5. Replace old, drafty windows. Drafts around your window are caused by windows that no longer fit together properly after years of use, expanding and contracting with temperature and a barrage of sun and weather. Also, older windows do not have the energy reduction properties of today’s cutting edge, triple-pane windows. This savings continues on into the winter when heat on the inside is a good thing and you don’t want to lose any through your windows. Pro Grade triple-pane windows pay for themselves in no time with reduced energy usage that keeps going year-round.

New windows are an investment, keeping your energy bills low and for increasing your property value. As always, Pro Home Improvement seeks to provide the best possible service to the community. If you want to see a window demonstration, be sure to call our team and we’ll set one up immediately.

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