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Virtual In-Home Estimate

At Pro Home Improvement, we are always looking for ways to innovate. It is important to us that we can help any homeowner with their home improvement projects, no matter how busy their schedule. We also know that in these times of uncertainty that it can be a difficult choice allowing a stranger into your home. That’s why we have spent the last week, hard at work, developing a method for giving you the same personalized service and fair quotes without having to jeopardize the health of you or your family. We are now proud to introduce the  Pro Home virtual in-home estimate. 

What Is It?

The virtual in-home estimate is a one on one video consultation between you and one of our home improvement experts. This free estimate can be completed from any device that has a camera and can connect to the internet. Without having to leave your home or even the couch, you can learn what Pro can do to help make your home improvement dreams a reality. 

How Long Does It Take?

It is a live consultation with a real person and not a generated video. This means the duration will vary based on job size and complexity. However, you can typically expect the consultation to last 60-90 minutes. 

When Does This Service Start?

It starts now! To schedule your virtual in-home consultation, call or text 248 556- 5839 or fill out the form below!

Schedule Your Virtual In-Home Estimate

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We just wanted to thank mr.Steve woodham for a great presentation,and the two gentlemen who installed the siding on the garage they were very professional.

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