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Are all Triple Pane Windows Equal?

Windows do a lot for your home, providing light and a sense of openness to your living space. But without the right windows, your energy costs can skyrocket unless you select the right product. There are tons of companies bragging about their windows energy performance out there, but are they all the same?

How do windows insulate?

Windows are commonly sold as double or triple-pane, meaning two or three pieces of glass with a sealed area in between. The area in between is commonly filled with argon, a dense gas that resists energy transfer. Argon acts as an insulating blanket but is not visible so it works well with window systems. The third pane of glass was an addition in the window market to further reduce energy use.

Can I just get triple-pane windows anywhere?

Adding a third pane does reduce the energy transfer across the windows, but there is something special about our windows that nobody else can say. Combining the triple-pane and argon gas with our proprietary reflective coating, our windows reduce energy transfer by 97%! Many walls only reduce energy transfer by up to 95%, meaning our windows perform better walls in many homes.

What else sets your windows apart?

Pro Grade Windows are specially created to maximize energy savings and longevity with the following features:

  • 1” thick glass
  • Three panes of single-strength glass
  • Two spaces of argon
  • Two surfaces of Low-E technology
  • ClimaTech® ThermD Intercept® Stainless Steel spacer

Triple Pane Windows from Pro Home Improvement

What about maintenance?

Cleaning and maintaining windows will help increase their life and energy efficiency. Letting dirt and dust accumulate over time will cause damage to your windows, so be sure to clean them regularly.

Our double-hung windows make it easy, however. Long gone are the days where you have to climb a shaky ladder to clean windows on your second floor. Pro Grade Windows tilt inward, allowing you to clean from inside, preventing injury and making it much easier to do.

Also, inspecting the seals and frames of all of the windows is a great idea to look for cracks and gaps before they become larger problems for you.

I’m interested, but I’d really like to see the proof

We offer a Free Pro Energy Evaluation where we can demonstrate everything stated above and even check the energy efficiency of the windows you currently have in your house. It involves a BTU meter to see how much energy you are losing or keeping inside. You can watch a brief presentation here and we can also come to your home – just give us a call!

If you’d like to learn more about Pro Grade Windows and how they are a great fit for your home, be sure to call us at 888-776-1998 or schedule an appointment online.

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