Amber’s West Bloomfield Home Improvement Success Story

At Pro Home Improvement, our priority throughout the project is ensuring our customers are happy as we help them design a home exterior they will love for decades. Amber contacted Pro Home Improvement to fix up her West Bloomfield home. Pro was able to update the comfort, and style of her home by replacing her siding, windows, and gutters.

West Bloomfield Siding, Gutters, and Windows

Amber reached out to Pro to give her home’s exterior some much-needed updates. After discussing her options with one of our representatives, she decided to hire us for the numerous projects she wanted to complete. An updated dark blue siding that would increase curb appeal, give her walls more insulation, and give her home a facelift. When it came to the trim for the siding and windows, she decided on a bright white that really contrasted with the blue and gave her home a modern tone. The windows she decided on were our Pro Grade triple-pane windows. With the added insulation and security provided by our window systems, she will enjoy more peace and quiet as they work to cut down on outside noise penetrating her home. Finally, she chose our 5″ gutters in a light blue to perfectly compliment both the aluminum trim and the siding. With her house completed she hardly recognizes it anymore and says she was getting compliments from the neighbors before the project was complete.

Happy Customers are the Goal

When we caught up with Amber at the end of the project she had nothing but good things to say about her experience working with the Pro team. She noted that there was a noticeable difference in the amount of noise pollution entering her home from the outside and that her A/C units were running less often. Watch the video above to hear what Amber said about her experience working with Pro Home Improvement.

Laura and Ruth’s Ferndale Home Improvement Success Story

Pro Home Improvement is dedicated to making our customers happy. We take great pride in our ability to help you design the house you will love to call home for many years to come. Laura and Ruth called Pro Home Improvement to fix up their Ferndale home. Pro was able to completely overhaul their home, replacing their gutters, roofing, and siding.

The Gutters Started it All

Laura contacted Pro in September to have her old, leaky gutters replaced. She was leary of inviting any contractors into her home, but quickly grew comfortable with us and appreciated the ability to see gutter samples in person. There is nothing better than experiencing our product first hand. She selected white Pro Grade seamless gutters with the Pro Grade gutter protection to help avoid any future clogging.
Since she was so happy with the gutters, she called back in just a few months to have the roof replaced. We installed Pro Grade roofing in a deep Moire Black that looked really sharp next to the new white seamless gutters.

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Kelly’s Berkley Home Improvement Success Story

Pro Home Improvement will stop at nothing to bring a smile to our customer’s face. We are so proud that you invite us into the design process for your home. Kelly invited us to assist her with a few projects at her home in Berkley. The experts at Pro were able to help Kelly transform her home with a new roofing, siding, gutters, windows, AND insulation.

Pro’s Reputation Speaks for Itself

Kelly found Pro online and was pleased with the comments and reviews that were there. Dozens of satisfied customers rave about how Pro helped them, so Kelly decided to give Pro a call. Kelly only had a roof in mind, but after Tim met with her to to discuss the options available, she decided to go even further than the roof.

Kelly selected the Pro Grade Roofing, Pro Grade Windows, Pro Grade Gutters and Pro Grade Siding as a package to completely overhaul the exterior of her home, all of which are guaranteed to last decades.

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Lisa’s Bloomfield Township Home Improvement Success Story

Pro Home Improvement prides itself on working diligently to make our customers happy. Reducing our client’s energy bill and making them a home they love is our passion. Lisa came to us with a variety of problems and we jumped at the chance to serve. Pro was able to completely overhaul her Bloomfield Township home with new roofing, siding, gutters, windows AND insulation.

Lisa’s Flat Roof Had to Go

Lisa came to us with a problem. She had an unused bedroom that would get hot in the summer and cold in the winter and it had a flat roof. She wanted this flat roof gone and wanted to open the space up a bit. Pro Home Improvement investigated and found a lot that needed to change in order to fulfill Lisa’s wishes.

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Larry’s Detroit Home Improvement Success Story

Pro Home Improvement loves to work with our customers to revitalize their homes. Improving the energy efficiency of each customer’s home is our company’s mission. Larry is no exception. We were able to help him restore his Detroit home with new insulation, gutters, roofing, and siding.

A problem with Larry’s roof

Larry knew there was a lot wrong with his roof, but he never expected it to be this much.

Last winter, Larry Willis was startled to hear a giant thump from the outside of his house. He got his coat and hat on, went outside and saw that a giant piece of the roof had fallen off completely off his home! Larry decided it was time to call Pro Home Improvement the best roofing contractor in Detroit MI.

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Mary Lou’s Grosse Pointe Home Improvement Success Story

At Pro Home Improvement, we love our customers. Our customers are the reason we exist and making them thrilled about how their home looks and improved efficiency is our company’s mission. Mary Lou is no exception. We were able to help her revitalize her Grosse Pointe home with new insulation, gutters, roofing, and siding.

Helping Mary Lou with Her Crawl Space Insulation

We first had the chance to meet Mary Lou at her Grosse Pointe home in 2011. She called us up with an issue with her crawl space – it was cold and drafty, leading to higher energy bills and chilly feet. We checked out her crawl space and found the best way to seal it up would be with Pro Home Improvement’s Pro Grade Spray Foam Insulation. This was the optimal solution, a closed-cell foam that expands to 100 times its original volume, which enables it to successfully seal all cracks and crevices. She endured the next few winters with warm floors and lower bills.

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