V-Groove Cut Glass For Windows & Patio Doors

When replacing the windows in your home, there are plenty of choices to be made. Beyond the trim and frame colors or the styles of windows you are choosing for the various areas of your home, there are also accessories and advanced stylings to consider. One popular accessory you may wish to include with your new windows is v-groove cut glass.

V-Groove Cut Glass For Windows & Patio Doors

V-Groove Cut Glass

Using V-Groove Cut Glass is the perfect method to add a splash of elegance sans impairing the view. This product is also known as Brilliant Cut Glass or Crystal Cut Glass. This functional plus aesthetic item is crafted via a distinct engraving technique.

V-Groove Cut Glass Styles
Our cut glass is available in 7 styles.

Why Add V-Groove Cut Glass To Your Windows?

The beauty of the V-Groove Cut Glass lies in its symmetry. The engraving method makes a V-groove in the glass surface. These lend a distinctive style to window panels. These glasses can be fitted to patio doors if you want it. Subtle elegance is crafted by engraving perfect straight lines. Shapes made by this method provide a rare symmetry. V-Groove Cut Glass can be made on a number of glass types. These include sandblasted glass, clear float glass, tinted glass, patterned glass, color back painted glass, and mirror. You can prescribe laminated glass to be V-cut as well. If you want to engrave a design to safety glass, it can be done.

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Does It Weaken The Window?

Absolutely not. The V-Groove Cut Glass is not formed by any edging process. The technology, however, is a similar one. The V-groove depth is related to the glass thickness. This method is not used on any glass below 1/8” thick. You can fit this type of glass on to most insulated windows.

What Are First Pass & Second Pass?

You can make both curved and linear patterns on to the glass. These designs give these glasses a distinctive appearance. Functional benefits are added as well. The technique is similar to chisel on wood action. A textured opaque finish is obtained when the first pass or grind is done. The polished effect is obtained on the second pass. A smooth and clear finish is obtained after the second pass.

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  • They installed my windows and trimmed them beautifully,they also did my window seals as well excellent job couldn't be more pleases with my windows the difference is unbelievable triple pane window is worth every penny they were on time cleaned up behind themselves, very professional would highly recommend them to anyone. I give them a 10 on overall performance I'm going to have them do my gutters and siding next I'm so looking forward to end result of this project. Thanks you so much for a job well done.

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