Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

The decision to purchase replacement windows for your home is important for revitalizing and securing your home. As you look for an installer you will also discover the many benefits that today’s advanced window systems offer. From decreasing the cost of your utility bills to cutting down on noise pollution and enhancing your home’s security our windows can help make your home more comfortable and peaceful. Our triple-pane window systems are guaranteed to protect your family and your home for decades.

Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

What are triple-pane windows?

Generally, there are three options when choosing windows: single-pane, dual-pane, and triple-pane. With triple-pane, argon or krypton, gases are injected between the panes. Both gases prevent about 50 percent less thermal conductivity.

If you are looking for new windows to maximize the energy efficiency of your home or office by keeping warm air inside in the winter and keeping the hot air out in the summer, triple pane windows are the answer to your problem. With triple pane windows, your heating and cooling costs can be significantly reduced because your HVAC units will work less. In addition, if you are living near a noisy street, triple pane windows will keep the noise outside while you enjoy peace and quiet indoors.

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  • Triple pane windows will have two chambers and each may be filled with krypton or argon gas that greatly improves energy efficiency performance.
  • Triple pane windows are better keeping outside noises from entering your home. If you are living in a city or near a noisy street, having triple pane windows can make a big difference. Along with the noise reduction, comes added security as well. The glass has the same technology as windshield design and can withstand blows from a baseball bat.
Triple-Pane Picture Windows
  • Condensation of the pane is less with triple pane windows. The dew point is the temperature that moisture vapor condenses on the window’s surfaces. When the surface temperature of the inside pane of the window is below the dew point, there will be condensation on the glass. The moisture depends on both relative humidity and temperature. The better the insulation value of the window, the higher the temperature of the interior glazing surface, then the chances are less likely that water vapor will form on the glass.
Triple-Pane Awning Windows
  • Some benefits of triple windows are not easily quantified. For example, when you sit in a room when the temperature outside is below zero, you can sit in a chair next to a triple-glazed window and not feel the cold.
  • Triple pane windows have a higher ER value, offer more energy efficiency and attain higher performance values than that of a double pane window.
Triple-Pane Garden Windows

It is difficult to predict the future costs of energy but we are most likely going to see rising energy costs in the not too distant future, so it makes sense to buy windows with a higher energy performance rating. On average the temperature of our Pro Grade triple-pane windows will be within a degree or two of your home’s wall temperature, this will create a cozier and more comfortable environment while reducing drafts and currents.

Why Choose Pro Grade Windows?

Our Pro Grade Windows are provided manufacturer direct, meaning you save money on middlemen and excessive transportation fees. As with all of your home improvement service your new windows will be installed by only the most experienced crews around and will be guaranteed to last for decades.

Do you offer triple-pane window replacement near me?

Pro Home Improvement proudly provides homeowners all over south-east Michigan with quality triple-pane window replacement. We are based in Ferndale, but we regularly install windows all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor to Flint our window experts are the best choice for your home improvement project. For more information on our window services call 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) today or request a free no-pressure estimate!

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  • Al Brown should be individually recognized for working out a thorny scheduling problem caused by the job before mine running late. Were we rescheduled? Yes Was the initial reschedule date unacceptable? Yes Did Al revisit the situation, improve the reschedule date, make his customer happy and ensure future references and calls from me? Absolutely The work is beautiful and we already do mention our installer when asked.

    — Mike C in Waterford, MI

  • They installed my windows and trimmed them beautifully,they also did my window seals as well excellent job couldn't be more pleases with my windows the difference is unbelievable triple pane window is worth every penny they were on time cleaned up behind themselves, very professional would highly recommend them to anyone. I give them a 10 on overall performance I'm going to have them do my gutters and siding next I'm so looking forward to end result of this project. Thanks you so much for a job well done.

    — Antoinette J in Detroit, MI