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Dual And Triple Pane Sliding Windows

When replacing the windows on your home there plenty of choices to be made. What colors should you use on the trim and frames? Should you get decorative shutters? Should you choose dual- or triple-pane windows? One decision most homeowners have the most fun with is choosing the styles of windows to place throughout their home. A popular choice is the sliding window.

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What are sliding windows?

Sliding windows are windows that have two panes, where each pane can slide past the other within the frame. For this reason, homeowners usually choose them for wide openings, where there is plenty of space for the panes to slide. Sliding windows are suitable for all kinds of homes, especially homes with a modern, contemporary design. They offer a clean and elegant look to any house, making them the perfect feature that many homeowners seek.

Pros of sliding windows

One huge advantage of sliding windows is that they offer you an unobstructed view of the outdoors since they are usually much broader compared to other kinds of windows. If you have a beautiful, pleasant view outside your home, sliding windows are ideal. Because of their design and structure, sliding windows allow plenty of sunlight and fresh air to enter your home. Also, many manufacturers offer energy-efficient glasses, which can help in providing a consistent temperature throughout the year and reduce your bills.

Another advantage is that sliding windows are extremely easy to use. The panels have rollers attached to them at the bottom, making it possible to open these windows with just a small push. Due to this quality, sliding windows are commonly used in hard to reach areas like over the kitchen counter.

Cons of sliding windows

If you are looking for maximum ventilation, then sliding windows may not be the perfect solution for you. Compared to other kinds of windows like casement windows, they allow limited ventilation and air flow because only one panel can be kept open at a time. However, many manufacturers today build sliding windows where both panes can be open at the same time. These are more expensive than your usual sliding windows.

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