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Dual- and Triple-Pane Patio Door Installations in Michigan

As new-age runners offer smoother performance and frame profiles are becoming thinner than ever, patio doors have become one of the most popular choices in décor. Standard wooden doors are getting replaced by glass, as it gives homes a modern look. Since the inception of patio doors several hundred years ago, they have undergone several changes, improving the function and design significantly.

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What are patio doors?

A patio door is a type of entry for your home that is generally used as a way to access a deck or backyard. Not only do they save room over traditional doors but since they are made mostly of glass they let in a lot more natural light as well.

Instead of being constructed of a material you can’t see through like metal or wood, patio doors are manufactured using both dual- and triple-pane glass allowing light in, keeping internal temperatures consistent, and giving you a view of your property.

Styles of Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are what most people think of when talking about this style of entry. Either one or two sides of the fixture slide along tracks that are set into the top and the bottom of the frame. These types of patio doors can have two or three panes. A two frame style generally one movable pane which tracks guide either in front of or behind a fixed pane. Patio doors with three panes typically keep a middle frame stationary while the panes on either side are free to move along the track.

Sliding Patio Doors Save Space

When compared to sliding patio doors a standard entry door requires more free space around it in order to operate correctly. Sliding patio doors are different as you don’t have to swing them in or out to open them. As a result of this, you can place more pieces of furniture, without worrying about them getting in the way when you have to open/close the patio door.

Hinged and French Patio Door

Hinged/French Patio Doors

These types of patio doors operate much like standard entry doors, in that they open inward or outward from hinges on their outer edges. Some styles of these hinged doors only have one side that opens and closes while the other pane stays stationary acts more as a picture window. A very popular form of hinged patio door is known as French-style, which allows both sides to open inward and features elegant handles.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant drawbacks of standard entry doors is that they don’t allow natural sunlight to enter the household. Also, they don’t allow wind to circulate, impacting energy efficiency significantly.

On the other hand, patio doors are different as they use glass, increasing the insulation, providing better protection against the summer heat. As natural light can enter easily, there is no need to use artificial light during daytime. Also, if you install a screen, wind flows through your house naturally, decreasing the cost to run the air conditioner.

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