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Obscure Glass For Window Replacement

When replacing the windows in your home, there are plenty of choices to be made. Beyond the trim and frame colors or the styles of windows you are choosing for the various areas of your home, there are also accessories and advanced stylings to consider. One popular accessory you may wish to include with your new windows is obscure glass.

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How To Recognize Obscure Glass

Different varieties of obscure glasses are sold in the market. Whatever the design, it is essentially a kind of rolled glass with an embedded surface pattern. People usually regard this kind of glass as a decorative item. Laminated glass and painted glass can also be included in the obscure glass category.

Is It Simply Decorative? Or Is There A Functional Use?

Obscure glass offers a number of advantages. You can transform a dated setting into an exciting new one by installing frosted glass. This glass makes a vast improvement to blinds or curtains. The product is sold in a number of patterns and colors.

Obscure glass does not influence illumination but reduces sun glare. If lighting is not a major concern, do go for opaque frost. This type of glass filters the ultra-violet rays of the sun. It means a healthier you as skin damage will not occur.

Where To Use Obscure Glass

You should install obscure glass for an area where you want to let in natural light, but don’t want anyone being able to see in to your home. This type of glass is most commonly used in bathroom or poolside changing areas.

Use an obscure glass to save on energy bills; the glass blocks the sun’s heat from entering the room. Items like rugs do not fade. Furniture looks new for an extended period of time.

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