Replacement Window Styles: Garden Windows

Dual And Triple Pane Garden Windows

When replacing the windows on your home there plenty of choices to be made. What colors should you use on the trim and frames? Should you get decorative shutters? Should you choose dual- or triple-pane windows? One decision most homeowners have the most fun with is choosing the styles of windows to place throughout their home. If you love plants, one style to consider is the garden window.

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What are garden windows?

Garden windows, as the name suggests, are windows that our window experts often install near the sink in the kitchen to act as a mini-garden inside your home. They protrude out slightly towards the exterior of your house, creating a large windowsill or a shelf, large enough to place potted plants on them.

Garden windows have three panels – one fixed window, or awning window at the front, along with two side windows that can be opened to provide ventilation. They also have a sloped or slanted glass roof so that water doesn’t collect on it when it rains. Plus, it allows for extra sunlight for the plants.

Pros of garden windows

Garden windows are like mini-greenhouses, making them great for homeowners who love to garden. They make it possible to grow plants and flowers all year round without having to go through the trouble of building an actual greenhouse. They provide plenty of sunlight because of their glass structure, provide fresh air through the openable panels, and they are easy to water. As such, garden windows build an ideal environment where your plants can thrive indoors.

Another advantage is that garden windows bring in an impressive amount of sunlight compared to other types of windows. Their all-glass structure, including front, sides, and roof, makes it easy for sunlight to penetrate your home.

Cons of garden windows

Perhaps, the only disadvantage of garden windows is that they take up additional space outside your house. So, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not install them in a place where they can interfere with your home’s outdoor features like patios, sidewalks, etc. Sliding or picture windows are good alternatives for those that want more natural light space in the kitchen but don’t have the external space for a garden window.

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