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Enhance Your Home’s Security With Replacement Windows

Windows pose a security problem, as they allow outsiders to take a glimpse at life inside your household. As all your precious belongings and valuables are on display, they tempt burglars to try breaking into your properties. However, with updates in window design and manufacturing placing a modern window system in your home will improve security and safety significantly.

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Why are older windows less secure?

Older windows pose a lot of security problems, tempting burglars to break into houses. As windows start to grow older, their functionality decreases, making them vulnerable to break-ins. For example, there is a very high chance that they may not close properly. Also, as the frame uses wood, it deteriorates over time. Frames of old windows are more prone to rot, making it easier for burglars to damage them and enter the household.

As older windows use thin glass, the effort required to destroy them is minimal, making them prime targets for thieves. Also, the locking mechanisms are basic or inferior. As a result of this, they won’t keep out intruders from entering the property.

How do modern window systems help to secure a home?

These days, modern window manufacturers are coming up with innovative and new techniques to prevent individuals from gaining unauthorized access to their customer’s properties. Modern window systems come with extra kick locks or security bars, preventing burglars from breaking-in.

They come with electronic and sensor locks, adding additional layers of security to the windows. Some windows have three-point (or multi-point) locking systems, which are more durable when compared to older systems. They also secure the frame, preventing the frame from splitting due to the application of large amounts of force by the burglar. When these windows are locked, it is extremely difficult for a burglar to pry them open.

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