Energy Savings With New Windows

When it comes to purchasing a new window system, energy efficiency is often one of the top concerns for homeowners. This makes sense because the right windows can have a big impact on your utility bills, but how exactly do windows impact your monthly budget?

Energy Savings With New Windows

Impact of windows on utility bills

Windows are important energy savers because of their impact on heat transfer, during both summer and winter seasons.

There exists insulation, in the form of gas, between your glass panes and the frame, which minimizes heat transfer. This gas creates a buffer zone, which decreases the speed at which hot air moves. As a result of this, the amount of energy required to heat or cool your household decreases considerably. For example, when the environment is hot outside, it reflects the heat, keeping your home cool. Similarly, when the temperature is low, the windows will keep the warm air your furnace generates inside the house. In other words, you can save at least 25% – 30% of the energy used for heating and cooling of your home with the proper window systems.

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Dual-pane vs. Triple-pane – Energy saved

These days you generally have two options when it comes to the windows you choose for your home – dual- and triple-pane. The major difference between these two types is the amount of energy you save after installation. Dual-pane windows have a 50% greater efficiency when compared to single-pane windows!

Dual-Pane Replacement Windows

However, if you are looking for more significant energy savings, then triple-pane windows are the solution. With these types of windows, the energy improvement can range anywhere between 60 – 90% when compared to their single-pane variants.

Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

Imagine cutting up to $500 off your annual heating and cooling costs! With these kinds of savings it is easy to see that in the long run, dual- and triple-pane windows will eventually pay for themselves.

Keep thermostats low while not breaking your budget.

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