Decorative grids

Decorative Grids For Windows & Patio Doors

When replacing the windows in your home, there are plenty of choices to be made. Beyond the trim and frame colors or the styles of windows you are choosing for the various areas of your home, there are also accessories and advanced stylings to consider. One popular accessory you may wish to include with your new windows is a decorative grid.

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Decorative Grids

Decorative grids are a must if you want a stylish home. These inject an extra element of sophistication and dimension to an otherwise normal (and daresay boring) window.

What Are Decorative Grids?

Grids are decorative bars sandwiched between window panes. This gives the window a unique look. Different windows can be provided with the same look to match a common aesthetic. A stylish grid will make your house (and the windows) stand out from other houses in the street.

Grid Options
Our decorative grids come in four styles

Grids are sold in a four designs designs. You simply have to select the design you want. To choose, you must take into factor the layout of the window and the style of the grid. You must also take into consideration how the grills would appear when contrasted with the other windows of your house.

What About Maintenance?

Grids do not require much maintenance. They do not pose a barrier to maintaining the glass either. This is due to the grids being located within the window panes. You can clean and maintain the glass sans any hassle. The effectiveness of the low emissivity coatings is not hampered.

Which Grill Layout?

Common options include Colonial, Prairie, and Diamond. Another popular option is the Double Prairie grill. Select a colonial grill if you want to make tall and narrow windows appear wider. Go for a prairie grill if you want to give your house’s big windows a beautiful frame effect. The beauty is amplified if the color of the grill is of a different color than the vinyl.

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