Cleaning Windows

How To Clean Windows & Screens

As windows and screens get exposed to elements such as bugs, dust, rain, and wind regularly, it won’t take long before they become dirty. To ensure that your windows and screens last long and look good at the same time, you need sound knowledge about how to clean them properly. Here is a complete guide on how to keep your windows and screens clean.

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Cleaning windows

Tools required

  • Bucket
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Window cleaner solution

Cleaning Process

Step 1: If you don’t want to purchase a window cleaner solution from the market, you can always make one at home. The basic one is where you mix dishwashing liquid with water. You can also combine one part distilled vinegar, two parts lemon juice, with one part hot water. The advantage of this solution is that it leaves a pleasant citrus aroma around your windows.

Step 2: Before you start cleaning the windows with the solution, make sure that you remove any stubborn stains. To get rid of these stains, spray them with vinegar and allow it to settle for a minimum of five minutes. Use a sponge to remove them from the window.

Step 3: Start cleaning the windows with the help of the sponge and the cleaning solution. Every time you dip the sponge in the solution, make sure that you remove excess water.

Step 4: Use the squeegee to wipe the remaining water from the window. To ensure that your windows look clean and tidy, wipe them vertically from the top. After every stroke, make sure that you wipe the squeegee clean with the help of the lint-free cloth.

Cleaning Screens

Tools required

• Brush with soft bristles
• Cleaning solution (one part ammonia and three parts water/mild soap with warm water)
• Hose
• Rubber gloves
• Sponge
• Ziploc bags

Cleaning Process

As the process of cleaning screens is quite easy, it isn’t a time-consuming activity.

Step 1: Removing the screen from your window is necessary as it makes it easier to clean all the dirt stuck in between the material. While removing the screen, collect all parts in Ziploc bags and label them. Reinstallation of the screen becomes more straightforward when you follow this simple tip.

Step 2: After placing the screen on the floor, clean it with the help of a hose. Make sure that the water pressure is as gentle as possible, to avoid damaging the screen. Flip the screen and repeat the process.

Step 3: Dip the brush with soft bristles in the cleaning solution and start scrubbing the screen gently. Keep cleaning the brush in regular intervals to get rid of the dirt. Make sure that you don’t apply excessive force, as it can damage the screen.

Step 4: Remove the remaining grime and dirt with the help of a sponge.

Step 5: Rinse the screen again with the hose to remove the soap residue stuck in the material.

Step 6: Leave the screen against the wall or any sturdy material to let it dry. You can speed up this process by placing the screen under direct sunlight.

Step 7: After drying the screen thoroughly, reinstall and fix it securely.

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