Replacement Window Styles: Casement Windows

Dual And Triple Pane Casement Windows

When replacing the windows on your home there plenty of choices to be made. What colors should you use on the trim and frames? Should you get decorative shutters? Should you choose dual- or triple-pane windows? One decision most homeowners have the most fun with is choosing the styles of windows to place throughout their home. One choice to consider is the casement window.

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What are casement windows?

Casement windows are windows which are hinged to the frame on one or more sides. When opened using a crank handle, they swing outwards and sideways. Even though our window experts generally install them in areas which are hard to reach like above the kitchen counter and kitchen sink, they make great windows in virtually any room in your house.

Pros of casement windows

Casement windows are incredibly versatile and are a perfect fit for any room. They are available in different kinds of style and color to suit your décor. This allows for personalization and customization so that you can have the exact window you have envisioned. Moreover, they are easy to clean since the glass panels, even the outside ones, can be reached from the inside of your home.

A great advantage of casement windows is that they open wider compared to other kinds of windows, allowing maximum sunlight and ventilation. This is why they are common in areas like the kitchen, where you require maximum ventilation. In addition to this, casement windows are highly energy efficient. They can help in minimizing your heating as well as lighting costs if they are correctly installed.

Cons of casement windows

Casement windows, especially those which are a bit bigger in size, are heavy. For this reason, every aspect of the window, from hardware options to structure need to be of premium quality in order to ensure durability and functionality.

Another disadvantage is that there is a limitation to size when it comes to casement windows. You rarely see huge casement windows, and this is because the bigger they are, the heavier they become. A greatalternative to casement windows is a sliding window.

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