Dual And Triple Pane Awning Windows

When replacing the windows on your home there plenty of choices to be made. What colors should you use on the trim and frames? Should you get decorative shutters? Should you choose dual- or triple-pane windows? One decision most homeowners have the most fun with is choosing the styles of windows to place throughout their home. One choice to consider is the awning window.

Dual And Triple Pane Awning Windows

What are awning windows?

Awning windows are windows that are hinged on the top and can be opened outward from the bottom up by turning a crank that is attached to the window. Our window experts often install these windows in areas like the kitchen or the bathroom, where you require a lot of ventilation all year round.

Pros of awning windows

Awning windows have plenty of advantages. The first being that they are perfect for keeping rain and snow out. This is because when you open them, they swing upward and outward and remain in that position until you close them, which means that the window itself acts as a form of shelter, keeping rain and snow away from the inside of your home.

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Secondly, while keeping rain and snow out, awning windows are still able to provide plenty of ventilation, allowing fresh air and sunlight to enter your home. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, where you require plenty of ventilation. Some consider awning windows to be the perfect window.

Thirdly, awning windows are extremely easy to open, which is why they are common in kitchens, above the sink or kitchen counter, where they may be difficult to reach. If you install any other kind of window, you will have to lean and reach over your counter, and opening it becomes quite the task. But with awning windows, all you have to do is reach the crank and open it using one-tenth of the energy you would have used otherwise.

Cons of awning windows

Awning windows, even though they provide ventilation, often do not allow in as much sunlight compared to other kinds of windows. This is because they are usually much smaller. A great alternative for those that want something more unique than a double-hung is to choode a sliding window.

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