You’ve determined that it is time to replace your home’s roof. This investment in your home is a substantial one, but it ultimately adds value and security to your property. A declining rooftop will only pose more hazards to your structure as time wears on. Prioritizing your roof installation will make its completion that much easier for you and the roofing contractor you hire. A brand-new roof refreshes the property and gets it ready for a potential sale. Learn what to expect with a new Pro-Grade roof when you choose Pro Home Improvement as your roofing contractor.

What to Expect With Roof Installation

6 Phases of Roof Installation

Phase 1: Inspection Process

Every rooftop repair or installation begins with a thorough inspection. A Pro roofing expert will evaluate the materials from the ground and take a closer look if needed.

The purpose of these inspection processes is to accurately estimate the rooftop’s material and labor needs. We include every detail within the estimate, from shingle quantities to flashing lengths. This accuracy makes the installation a transparent transaction between parties.

Phase 2: Material Delivery

With the estimate approved, our supplier will deliver the materials to your property. Ideally, you should clear out an area in the yard for the materials. Remove barbecues, potted plants, and other lightweight items from the area. This courtesy gives both the materials and our team room to move around the property.

There will be stacks of materials, including asphalt shingles, metal flashing, and underlayment. Our roofers will bring and store their tools, ladders and specialized equipment on a daily basis.

Phase 3: Old Roofing Removal

The messiest part of a roofing project is the removal phase. Our crew will lay out tarps and paneling around your home to protect your property. Workers scrape the roof deck clear of all underlayment, shingles, and fasteners. There will be considerable debris falling from the rooftop and onto the tarps. Be sure to close windows and doors during this process.

During removal, our contractors will continuously work to clean up the debris as they move forward with the removal and on to installation. We are committed to cleaning up your property thoroughly and consistently as the project progresses.

Phase 4: Deck Preparation

The deck of your roof consists of plywood covering your home’s structural beams. While we try to locate any plywood pieces that need replacing during the initial inspection, there is sometimes water damage that is only visible once removal of the old roof is complete. We will evaluate the deck for any rot or damage and replace sections of plywood as needed.

With a strong deck, the workers will install an ice & water shield as well as our Pro Synthetic underlayment. During this process, we will also install any needed ventilation like ridge or box vents.

Phase 5: Flashing Installation

Your roofers will measure, cut, bend, and install the flashing that protects the edges of the installation. Rooftop penetrations and roofing edges are the most vulnerable. Drip edges must go in before any shingles can be installed. Without the flashing in place, water can seep under the materials during a storm.

Phase 6: Shingle Application

Pro starts out the shingle installation on every project with starter shingles along the rooftop’s lower edges. These starter shingles give the roofers a straight line to work with as they install the rest of the materials above. Our roofing experts will then being installing your strip, dimensional, or premium shingles. The shingle installation ends at the rooftop’s peak where we utilize cap shingles to protect this transition area.

Our roofers typically add between four to six nails per shingle. You’ll hear and see the roofers using nail guns to complete the work. The number of nails depends on your region’s weather and wind patterns. Severe weather demands more nails on each shingle.

Pro Home Improvement is dedicated to providing our customers with the best roof installation and replacement services in Michigan. We offer free roofing estimates that include a full inspection of your roof. If you would like more information on our roofing services or to schedule an estimate, call us today at 888-776-1998.

What Our Roofing Customers Are Saying

  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

    Work was done in a timely manner and efficiently. I do not know much about roofing but looking at the roof I know that the work is well done, the shingles are placed properly, the color looks good. The workers cleaned up the place after the completion of the work. I am glad that it is all done and we don't have to worry about the roof for the next several years. Job well done!!!.

    — Jane N. in Ypsilanti, MI — 01/16/2017