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Getting A Roof Inspection

Unless there is a leak, most homeowners don’t think about their roof. Most experts agree that a roof inspection should be done at least twice a year. Once in the fall and once in the spring. This gives you a chance to catch any small issues before they turn into costly damages.

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Your roof does a lot more than shed rain. It protects the structure of your home from the worst mother nature can muster. As the seasons change, that roof will guard you and keep you safe. Even so, the heat, wind, hail, snow, tree limbs, and all the things in between will break down your roof. This is why regular inspections are so necessary. This will make sure that the roof is taken care of, and any damage is dealt with swiftly.

What Will I Learn From A Roof Inspection?

With a roof inspection, you will gain a clear picture of what state your roof is in. When done by an expert, you can learn things like:

  • Were there any mistakes made during installation?
  • Are there weak spots where a leak may show up?
  • Is there a leak now?
  • What is the true age of the roof compared with its life expectancy?

What Is Involved In An Inspection?

A true inspection will include the exterior and interior of the roof’s structure. It should be carried out in 2 steps:

#1 – Inspecting the Exterior Roof

The contractor will note where chimneys, gutters, vents, and flashing spots are located as well as their current state. This is also when the home’s eaves and siding are checked — looking for water stains, dents from hail, and signs of dry rot. Common roofing problems that will be noted are missing, broken, cracked or warped shingles, shakes or tiles, as well as soft spots in the roof deck.

#2 – Inspecting The Interior

The inspector will check not just the attic, but other spots of the home’s interior. This includes the ceilings and walls. They will check for signs of water, hail, or wind damage. A leak inside your house will be a clear symptom of damage.

Choose The Roofing Experts At Pro Home Improvement

It may seem simple enough to check on the health of your own roof. But, some signs are easy to miss, and a trained eye is sure to catch. At Pro, we have over 17 years of experience with inspecting and replacing roofs. We can get it done swiftly and in a manner that makes sure nothing is overlooked. If you have had a roof installed by us in the past, you can request a free yearly inspection by contacting us today at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998). You can also receive a free roof inspection when you schedule a Free No-Pressure Roof Estimate today!

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