Ferndale Roofing Contractor

Ferndale Roofing Contractor

Residents of Ferndale have been able to have the best roofs in Michigan since 2006. They’ve been provided by Pro Home Improvement. This is an organization dedicated to helping residents reach their goals for home improvements. Customers know it is important to trust their roofing project to established experts. That is why so many choose this company. When looking for a Ferndale roofing contractor residents know that with Pro Home they’ll be getting a premium roofing product at a fair and reasonable price.

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Why Local Matters with a Ferndale Roofing Contractor

For more than a decade Pro Home Improvement has been a locally owned and operated business. Their roofing specialists keep on providing Ferndale residents with the same outstanding service they’ve come to expect from 8 Mile Road to 696 and all places in between. The people who work there take pride in their ability to help members of the Ferndale community enjoy impressive roofing that is state-of-the-art. Roofing that will give their homes an improved curb appeal.

Importance Of Location

A Ferndale Roofing Contractor providing services in Ferndale will know the area. They will be familiar with all of the regional weather conditions and more that impact the effectiveness as well as the appearance of a roof. This is a benefit of the many years of experience possessed by this company. They are considered roofing specialists and have extensive experience providing the best possible roofs designed to handle all conditions that are unique to a resident in the Ferndale area. A customer can expect to get the best roofing materials and most effective installation methods. This makes it possible for residents to have a roof that is designed to last them for decades.

Dependable Quality

When a homeowner in Ferndale, MI needs roofing done, the materials utilized have to be made to handle the extreme conditions it will experience. The material needs to be able to handle the extreme heat from the sun as well as high humidity. A roof also needs to be able to handle freezing temperatures as well as high levels of snowfall. A roof in Ferndale, MI will experience these extreme weather conditions. It can result in the quick degradation of roofs made with old or low-quality material. This company will only use premium asphalt shingles supplied by CertainTeed. This is done to ensure their customers have the highest quality roofs with the longest lifespan possible.

Asphalt Shingles

It has been proven that asphalt shingles are durable as well as cost-effective. Since using asphalt for roofing material is so popular, customers have the ability to choose from a wide variety of styles as well as options.

Strip Shingles

This is a lightweight shingle that is able to be installed in a single layer. The strip shingle has been designed in a way to provide the look of slate. Strip shingles can be effectively used for replacements. They can also be used for low-cost housing.

Ferndale strip shingle
CT20 shingles by CertainTeed in Ferndale

Dimensional Shingles

The most popular type of asphalt shingles being used in North America is dimensional shingles. These types of shingles are often referred to as architectural or laminated. The reason is that they are made with two or more laminated layers.

Ferndale dimensional shingle
Landmark and Landmark Pro shingles by CertainTeed Ferndale

Premium Shingles

This type of shingle is laminated but can also provide additional features. They are able to provide increased impact protection as well as additional reflective materials designed to deflect solar energy. These shingles can help lower energy bills. They are also able to mimic higher end roofing materials such as wood or clay.

Ferndale Premium Shingle
Grand Manor shingles by CertainTeed Ferndale


CertainTeed does make great roofing materials. They also provide certification for select roofing contractors. These contractors must show expertise as well as professionalism above that of their competition. A Ferndale Roofing Contractor maintains such a certification based on their business practices and customer satisfaction.

Select Shinglemaster

A Ferndale Roofing Contractor provides their customers with a warranty that is considered one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Companies recognized by CertainTeed consider this warranty as one of the best provided to customers. It has earned this company the recognition of Shinglemaster from CertainTeed. It’s proof a Ferndale Roofing Contractor knows the area as well as how to provide the best installation and materials.

For Ferndale roofing services from a local company that knows the area well and provides the highest quality materials and installation, contact the experts at Pro Home Improvement.

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