Asphalt Roof Styles

With asphalt roof, the shingles are made to act like a tough and leak-proof layer on top of your home. They work to keep the deck of your roof dry. When your deck gets wet it can begin to rot and sag. This rot can then spread to the rest of your home. Our Pro Grade Roofing System will help to stop any damage to your home’s structure.

Asphalt Roof Styles

Our asphalt roofing system uses our Pro Underlayment and Ice & Water Shield. Combined they will form a leak-proof seal that we guaranteed will last decades.

There are three main types to choose for your roof, strip, dimensional, and architectural. These three types don’t just differ in the way they look. Some come with built-in benefits like helping to cut utility costs and stop algae growth.

Strip Shingles

20 years ago you would see these on most of the homes you passed. 3-tab or strip shingles are simple and cheap choice for your asphalt roofing needs. A lightweight product that is placed on the roof in one layer often made to look like slate. Today the use of strip shingles is for a quick patch or for budget homes.

Asphalt Roofing 3-Tab Shingle

Dimensional Shingles

These are also called ‘laminates’. Now the most used grade of asphalt roofing in North America. Their name comes from the way they are made. With two or more laminated layers built on each other. This choice of cladding for your roof replacement gives a thicker look to your roof compared to 3-tab.

Asphalt Roofing Dimensional Shingle

Architectural Shingles

These are the top of the line shingles you can choose for your roof replacement. Choose from enhanced styles that will make your home stand out. They are often much stronger than any other shingle brand which means a long life. You can even choose an option that will reflect the sun. This will save you on your utility bills!

Asphalt Roofing Architectural Shingle

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