Insulating existing exterior walls

If you need to insulate the walls of your home, our Pro Grade Injection Wall Foam is a safe and incredibly durable option for your home. This foam insulation is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and is the same material used in everyday items, such as billiard balls.

Injection Foam Insulation

Homeowners can rest assured that this material is water-soluble and free of dangerous emissions. Pro Grade foam is gentle on walls and will fully expand at the time of installation, so there is no risk of damaging expansion or other unpredictable behaviors that could weaken your home’s infrastructure. Best of all, our insulation contractors guarantee top-quality results for your home.

Save up to 50% on your energy bills instantly! Pro Grade Injection Foam has an excellent R-Value of 4.9 per inch.

Injection Foam Insulation

The product name may make it sound like a complicated product, but nearly all homeowners recognize it by sight: the squishy foam insulation that you see filling cracks and crevices of many homes. As a homeowner, it’s important to understand how injection foam insulation works and when to use it, in case your home ever needs wall insulation. Below is an explanation of some of the basics to know about injection foam insulation.

What is It?

Injection foam acts as an insulant and air sealant usually used to quickly and efficiently fill gaps and crevices in your home. Most injection foam is a non-toxic and emission-free substance that is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

How Does it Work?

As an insulant, injection foam works to limit the conduction, or heat transfer, of your home, either trapping heat in colder months or easing the burden on your AC during the warmer seasons. Another benefit of injection foam is that it works to air-seal your home. Small gaps in other kinds of insulation can allow air leakage, making your insulation far less efficient, but injection foam will work to fill these gaps and prevent air flow out of your home.

What Should I Expect During Installation?

One of the biggest advantages of injection wall foam is that it can go into just about any crevice or cavity. It can be injected directly into existing walls with no need to tear them down or remodel, and for homes with wooden, aluminum or vinyl siding, small pieces of the siding are removed and then replaced after installation.

All in all, the process of having injection foam insulation installed is quick and painless. In nearly all cases, the crew will be able to inject the insulation from the outside without actually entering your home, making it a very non-invasive process. It isn’t a long installation process either, and the wall foam will fully expand by the time the crew finishes installing the materials. This means there’s no wait time before the insulation starts to work and no risk of unforeseen expansion.

Best of all, injection foam insulation is gentle on your walls and presents no risk of damage. Once it’s installed, the insulation and air-sealant properties of the foam will go a long way towards reducing your energy bills and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Do your injection foam insulation contractors offer services near me?

Pro Home Improvement’s offices are near Detroit, MI and we regularly provide attic insulation services to residents all over Metro Detroit. From Ann Arbor all the way up to Flint, we have proven ourselves as the best local insulation contractors.

At Pro Home Improvement, we strive always to offer superior products installed by experts. Your satisfaction is important to us. When you are ready to discover the many benefits our injection foam insulation, call us at 888-PRO-1998 (888-776-1998) for a free, no-obligation estimate.