When to replace gutters

When to Replace Your Gutters

To ensure that your home is protected, it is good to know the signs of sick gutters and when it is time to replace your gutter system. When minor issues begin to develop and are not addressed they can eventually lead to costly damages. A good place to start when thinking about new gutters is inspecting your current system.

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Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

Your gutters are more than a channel of aluminum that catches water. They are a system which is made up of multiple components that all work together in order to keep rainwater from damaging your home. When this system starts to fail your home’s foundation is left exposed and in danger of erosion.

The first thing you should think of is the age of your gutters. On average a professionally installed gutter system will last around 18 to 20 years. Age combined with two or more of the signs below may mean that it’s time. We suggest you have your gutters inspected by a professional to properly assess the health of the system. Pro offers free gutter inspections, contact us today to schedule yours. So what are they looking for during this inspection?

Cracks, holes, or rust spots: As your gutters age, sections may begin to develop holes or rust spots where severe weather and falling leaves/sticks have worn away the metal. Cracks may also develop on corner joints or seams.

Broken or Missing Hangers: Gutter hangers are the metal pieces that hold a screw or nail and help secure the gutter to the eaves of your home. They also work to keep the gutter level and with the proper pitch so the water flows into the downspouts. If these begin to give away and fall to the ground then your gutter system is on its last legs.

Separated gutters: Gutter systems only work properly if they form a continuous channel. If gaps occur in a single section of your gutter system then water can freely flow to the ground below and erode your foundation. If you can see that a section of gutter does not connect to a miter or endcap it is time for action.

Pulling away from the roof: As the gutter hangers begin to fail you will notice that entire sections of your gutter system have begun to pull away from the roof. Once your roof’s drip edge no longers hangs over the inner edge of the gutters then your system is no longer catching and directing the water as it should.

Shifting pitch: When gutters are properly installed they will not be exactly level with your roof. In order to make sure that water flows freely away from your home then the gutters should be angled toward the downspouts. Once this pitch has begun to shift or sections have begun to sag in the middle you are risking pooling water and further damage to your system.

Flooded basements: If your gutters are not working properly then water will begin to pool around your home’s foundation. Left untreated, the water will eventually begin to make its way into your basement. If you notice water in your basement every time it rains then a good place to start checking is your gutter system.

Why Do Old Gutters Fail

Poor Installation: Gutters are a home improvement service that many homeowners think they can handle on their own or can be properly completed by a general contractor. However, most issues that affect the life of a new gutter system come from poor installation techniques or a contractor cutting corners. This is why it is important to find a company that works with contractors who specialize in gutter installation. They will not only know the best materials to use, but they will know how to use those materials in a way that guarantees a long life.

Falling Debris: If your home is surrounded by trees then you know that they love to shed lots of leaves, twigs, and even whole branches throughout the year. As the bigger items fall to the ground there is a chance they will come into contact with your gutter systems. When this happens they can knock your gutters loose or rip sections away from miters.

Untreated Clogs: As mentioned above trees can drop a lot of things into your gutters throughout the year. Extreme weather and changing seasons are notorious for causing trees to shed. If your gutter systems do not have protection then you need to do a cleaning of your gutters at least once a year, although most experts recommend twice. Without cleaning leaves and sticks can collect in your gutters until they create blockages. Causing water to pool up and adding extra weight and stress on to your gutters which can eventually cause failure.

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