Miters and endcaps

Miters & Endcaps: Finishing The Run

The biggest part of most gutter systems are the gutter runs. Which work to catch all the rainwater coming off your roof and direct it to your downspouts. Two of the biggest helpers with this are miters and endcaps. Every gutter run has a beginning and an end which is where end caps are used. Most gutter runs will need to navigate around corners between those two points. This is where miters come in. Without these two fittings, no gutter system is complete.

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What are they?

End Caps

As you can guess by the name, end caps fit onto either end of the gutter run. Gutter runs are installed with a slight angle in order to ensure that the water flows toward the downspout. However, heavy and persistent rainfall can fill up your gutters even when they are working properly. End caps act as a block to any water that would flow down onto your landscaping.


Unlike end caps, it is not easy to guess what miters do just by their name. They serve a vital purpose though.  During the installation of seamless gutters, the only spots where a break in the gutter run occurs is at corner points. This is where miters come in, keeping your gutter runs connected around corners. These L shaped fittings come in two varieties, outside and inside. Outside miters are used on outer angles and inside miters are used on inner angles. Using these two types together will keep water runoff where you want it while matching the look and style of the gutter system around your home.

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