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Choosing The Best Gutter Installer

What Makes a Good Gutter Installer? When it comes to gutter replacement or installing gutter protection it is important to choose the right gutter installer. Taking the time to find an installer that not only works with high-quality materials but is also a gutter expert can save you from big headaches down the road. A wrong choice can lead to costly repair that you are the hook for! Here is a list of the things you need to consider to choose the right company for your project.

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Pro Home guarantees all materials and labor on every gutter project

Guarantees and Warranties

After the installation is complete and the final check has been paid what kind of coverage does your new gutter system have? You want to find an installer that stands behind their work and won’t pass the responsibility on to the manufacturer. While most gutter manufacturers do offer warranties on their systems, it only covers the materials. Which means that if the issue is due to improper installation you could be the one paying for a costly repair on your brand new gutters.

At Pro, we offer an industry-leading guarantee. Not only do we cover the work, but we are so confident in the materials we use, we cover those too. We cover both for 25 years AND offer free inspections on request.

General liability insurance


Insurance doesn’t only protect the installer and their crews, it protects your assets as well. If an installer who is uninsured or improperly insured damages your neighbor’s property that neighbor can come after you to resolve it! Likewise, if the installer does not pay into workers compensation insurance then you may be on the hook for medical expenses for a crew member that injures themselves during your project. In order to protect your home, property, and savings during a gutter installation it is important to choose a contractor with current liability and worker’s compensation insurances.

Pro has been fully insured since we opened our doors and want our customers to rest assured knowing that any issues which arise will be handled swiftly and professionally.

Pro home service area


These days it is common for even small gutter companies to have a web presence. Meaning you can easily find them in the map listings on Google and Bing searches. Using the map box you can locate installers that are close to you or within a reasonable radius. The reason for this is that some contractors will charge additional transportation costs, for homes outside of a certain operational zone. This will be on top of the labor and material expenses. Finding a contractor that is close to you or does not charge for distance will help you avoid unneeded costs.

Pro may call Ferndale home, but we regularly take on gutter projects as far away as Flint, and we never charge more for a job based on location.

Builders license

Builder’s License

In the State of Michigan, all home improvement companies must be issued an operating license from the state. These licenses work to ensure that the company has met all the requirements to operate that type of service in this state. Not only this, but they have shown an acceptable level of knowledge for the service they are offering. Make sure any gutter installer you hire has a valid license.

You can view our builder’s license here.

A+ rating with the BBB


In this era of the internet, it is nearly impossible for a business to operate without someone talking about their experience on the internet. The best gutter installers will have plenty of examples of positive feedback as well as responses looking to resolve an issue on bad reviews. A good reputation means the contractor has made it a point to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the project from start to finish. You can often find evidence of their reputation by visiting online platforms such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and even the Better Business Bureau.

Gutter Testimonials


Another way to get a feel for a gutter installers reputation is to request references. This could include customer success stories, testimonials, before and after pictures. Any hesitation to provide evidence of their past work or customers is a sure sign they are bad news. If you are working with a general contractor make sure you request gutter references specifically. Just because a company is the best at installing replacement windows doesn’t mean they offer quality gutter services. Insist a contractor give you at least five references.

Pro proudly displays numerous testimonials for all our services right here on our website.

Seamless gutter installation


A gutter installer will have to deal with different sizes of homes, roof lines, and levels of complexity. Just knowing how to set a ladder and using a measuring tape is not enough. A truly experienced installer will be very comfortable with all the steps needed to complete the job accurately, professionally, and in a manner that will last decades. For the best results look for a contractor with at least five years of experience.

Pro Home Improvement has been providing homeowners all over South East Michigan with quality home improvement services for over 12 years!

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Pro Home Improvement is dedicated to being the best installer of gutters and gutter protection in Michigan. We provide our gutter services all over Southeastern Michigan. We have helped homeowners from St Claire Shores to Ann Arbor. No matter where we install a new gutter system we never charge more for distance. We offer free gutter estimates that include a full inspection of your gutter system. If you would like more information on our gutter services or to schedule an estimate, call us today at 888-776-1998.

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