The Wilsons, Detroit

The Wilson’s had a roof problem. Between the patches on the back and partial replacement on the front was a lot of old roof in need of some expert care. On top of that, their gutter system had started to pull away from the home’s fascia. While a roof this size is not usually considered a big project, the work needed to rebuild the deck and secure the section over the porch brought multiple challenges. One issue homeowners often run into with older roofs like this is it can be hard to get an accurate estimate. It can be challenging to know the extent of work needed until the old roof’s complete removal. Fortunately for Jemaine and Dannielle, they invited the experts from Pro into their home, and we were able to give them a reasonable quote on the roofing and gutters that fit within their budget.

Our Pro Grade Landmark roofing system will stop any leaks, reinforce the deck, and the upgraded ventilation will help with lowering utility bills. Our Pro Grade seamless gutter system will protect their foundation and landscaping by directing water to specific areas of the property. All that, and we didn’t even mention the increases in curb appeal and resale value! The roof and gutter replacement was finished quickly and professionally by our crews and is now guaranteed to last for the life of the home. If your roof is in need of some TLC, give the experts at Pro a call today to schedule a free estimate.

Styles chosen by The Wilson’s

If you like the home’s look in the after pictures above, you can use the details below to ask for the same style on your home.

  • Asphalt Shingle – Georgetown Grey
  • Drip Edge – White
  • Gutters – White
  • Downspouts – White

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