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At Pro Home Improvement we know how dangerous and time consuming cleaning your gutters can be. This is why we proudly offer three levels of gutter protection to keep your gutters free of clogs and allowing rainwater to run freely away from your home.

Harry was looking for a solution for his home that would make maintenance around the property safer and easier. After speaking with our knowledgable office and sales staff he decided on our pro filter system. The pro filter system uses medical-grade stainless steel mesh on top of an aluminum grate. The steel micro-mesh allows only water to pass through leaving no room from any type of debris to slip into your gutters. The aluminum grate gives support and structure to the steel mesh making it a durable solution for your gutter protection needs.

Our crew arrived to clean his current gutters and ensure there were no problem areas prior to installing the gutter protection. Within a couple of hours, Hary’s gutters were fully ready to withstand all that mother nature can throw at them.

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