Parker, Dearborn

This single-story brick home in Dearborn, Michigan, featured white and gutters, a bay section on the front of the house, and a metal awning covering the porch. The original brick cladding used when building the home had stood up well against decades of Michigan’s harsh winters. However, the homeowners felt that the brick and awning gave a dated look to the house, and they were looking for something a bit more modern. Eventually, they contacted the team at Pro Home Improvement, and we were able to help them find the perfect vinyl siding solution for their home.

Complete siding, trim, and gutter replacement

When placing vinyl siding over brick, a homeowner saves on clean-up expenses due to the lack of tear-off required. While the trim and gutters still needed to be removed from the home, it did not create nearly as much of a mess as removing an entire layer of old siding would. The crew placed tarps over the landscaping while removing the trim and gutters to protect the property around the house from falling debris. The biggest obstacle was removing the awning from the front of the home, but our home improvement experts removed it safely and completely changed the house’s look. During the removal of the trim and gutters, all fascia and window frames were inspected for rot or water damage signs. Any weak areas were repaired before the siding, trim, and gutters were installed.

The Details

This project was a complete siding, trim, and gutter project under our Pro Grade package and featured our 4.5″ Dutch Lap siding panels and our 5″ seamless gutters. The homeowner chose Portsmouth Blue for the color on their new siding and Pebblestone Clay for the soffit and trim, including around the doors and windows. They also went with Pebblestone Clay for their new gutters and downspouts.

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