Larry Willis outisde his home in Detroit MI

Gutters, Insulation, Roofing, and Siding Project 16505 Lawton, Detroit, MI

Pro Home Improvement loves to work with our customers to revitalize their homes. Improving the energy efficiency of each customer’s home is our company’s mission. Larry is no exception. We were able to help him restore his Detroit home with new insulation, gutters, roofing, and siding.

A problem with Larry’s roof

Larry knew there was a lot wrong with his roof, but he never expected it to be this much.

Last winter, Larry Willis was startled to hear a giant thump from the outside of his house. He got his coat and hat on, went outside and saw that a giant piece of the roof had fallen off completely off his home! Larry decided it was time to call Pro Home Improvement the best roofing contractor in Detroit MI.

Pro Home investigates

On the initial visit to assess the situation many problems were present with Larry’s asphalt roof:

  1. Previous roofs were only roofed right over, so there were a total of 5 roofs putting weight and causing trouble on top of Larry’s house.
  2. The house is over 100 years old and has an unusually steep roof (15/12).
  3. A portion of Larry’s roof is flat, causing some snow and ice to build up.
  4. Attic insulation hadn’t been updated since the home was built!
  5. Proper attic ventilation was never installed.

The difference attic insulation can make in a Detroit home

The lack of insulation updates was especially troubling to Larry. He mentioned that his winter heating bill can be as high as $600! Since he’s lived in the home for over 20 years, imagine his surprise when Pro Home Improvement told him that with the proper insulation in his attic, his energy bills could be reduced by 50-70%!

Larry was convinced. Pro was hired.

Pro’s Roofing Contractors Get to Work!

When the team from Pro Home Improvement arrived, Larry remarked that it seemed like an “army” arrived to work on his home. He should know, he’s a retired Army Sergeant.

Pro Home Improvement rebuilt everything at the roof level including all new roof decking and a Pro Grade roofing system by CertainTeed. Under the roof, they installed premium ventilation intake and exhaust to ensure the attic would now be getting the proper amount of airflow.

Pro also provided Pro Grade Cellulose insulation in the attic with vapor barrier, including a baffle in each rafter. This will allow Larry’s energy bills to come down by quite a bit.

Since this work was complete, Larry gave feedback on how his home feels now. Larry said, “Now (this summer) my home is nice and cool for the first time ever!”

Larry is happy and now had a fresh, new roof he can trust to last for many, many more years.

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What Our Past Customers Have To Say!

siding Testimonials
  • Project: Install or Replace Vinyl Siding

    Great company, they did the quality job that they were contracted to do and started when they said they would. If something is not right, rest assured they will correct it. Pro Home Improvement is an honest company that you can put your trust in.

    — Chris K in Livonia, MI

  • Project: Install or Replace Vinyl Siding

    Each of the three "crews" demonstrated excellent skills and professionalism. The siding crew (Kaz, Stan, and Chris) offered good advice based on their extensive experience, fixing problems with the framing dating back to the original construction of the house in 1991. The gutter installers (Fred and, I think, Dave) took care of several special requests of mine, including downspout placement and extensions. Impressive attention to detail. Finally, Sam finished up the project, quickly reordering and installing replacement shutters (wrong gray) and crafting special caps for the eaves to improve aesthetics. My wife and I have had our share of difficulties with home renovations and upgrades in the past. This experience with PRO was truly a positive one.

    — Charles D in Rochester Hills, MI

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    Your crew did a fantastic job. The work turned out to be more complicated than expected, but the crew stepped up to the task and did great work.

    — Jeremy A in Plymouth, MI

  • Project: Install or Replace Asphalt Roofing

    Pro was invited back to work on our roof after doing siding last Fall. We are very pleased with the job! They are professional and do superb work.

    — Diana S in Detroit, MI

insulation Testimonials
  • Project: Install or Replace Insulation

    Very professional and friendly company. They clearly explain the entire process to you and were flexible with scheduling. I would use them again in the future.

    — Bryan H in Detroit, MI

  • Project: Install or Replace Insulation

    Everyone was great. From the sales rep that came to talk with us, our project manager and even the insulation workers. The job was done very quickly and professionally. It was great service all around.

    — Joseph in Westland, MI

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  • Project: Install or Replace Seamless Gutters and/or Gutter Protection

    The price was very reasonable. The customer service was excellent. The install was smooth. the perfect home improvement experience.

    — Jason in Dundee, MI

  • Project: Install or Replace Seamless Gutters and/or Gutter Protection

    I am very pleased with the installation and the crew that did it. They were very professional, very on task and did a great job from start to finish. I had a special request related to having a downspout accommodate a rain barrel and they did a very thoughtful and neat fix that I am very happy with. The new gutters and quality of installation have really improved the look of our house. Thanks for everything!

    — Nanette N in St Clair Shores, MI

Detroit Testimonials

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Small ProjectSiding, Roofing, Insulation, Gutters

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Project cost$18,000

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Large ProjectSiding, Roofing, Insulation, Gutters

Project cost$27,000

Term Length12 years

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