Joy Road, Metamora

Brian and Bonnie loved their home in Metamora. The land gave them plenty of space for training with their horses. However, a botched siding project from another company a few years prior had left them with a leaky home and lots of water damage. Rather than try to repair the issue they decided the best bet was to replace all the siding, this way they could be sure to patch up any rot or water damage hidden from view. When they reached out to Pro Home Improvement we were ready to help.

First, our siding crew arrived on the job and removed all the old siding materials. Stripping the home down to its base exterior walls meant our crew could easily locate and repair any trouble areas. After fixing the rot and water damage caused by poor installation methods it was time to install their new Deep Granite colored siding. This beautiful siding was finished off with white trim and soffit as well as vertical siding along the peaks of their home. Once the siding crew was finished it was time for the gutter crew to move in and install their brand new gutter system in white.

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