Hopkins, Inkster

This ranch-style home located in Inkster, Michigan, was in need of a complete roof replacement. The roof, which spanned across the house and attached garage, had more than a few repair patches. Not only did it have multiple areas at high risk for developing a leak, but the ventilation was also outdated and inadequate. Improper ventilation in a roof can lead to higher utility bills and increase the possibility of mold developing.

Protecting the gutters and landscaping

On the day of installation, our crews began by laying out tarps around the house to protect the area from falling debris during removal. Before they could remove the roof, though, they had to make sure the gutters would survive the process. For a proper roof replacement, we must remove the gutters from the home. Not only does this give the contractors access to the fascia and drip edge, but it also protects the gutters. Our crew made sure to take care when removing the gutters to maintain their stability. Once the roof was finished, they were carefully reinstalled, with the proper pitching, in order to ensure they functioned as well as they did prior to removal.

The Details

This project was a 24 sq/ft asphalt roof under our Pro Grade package and featured a complete single-layer removal. We inspected the entire roof deck and all fascia. Any weak areas or signs of rot were replaced, all part of our lifetime roofing guarantee. The color they chose for their new roof was Pewter, as they wanted something similar to the previous shade. To complement the lighter gray color, they opted for a white drip edge. All can vents were replaced with ridge vents that span the entire ridge of the roof. We also helped with the removal and disposal of two old satellite dishes which previous owners had installed.

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