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At Pro Home Improvement, our priority throughout the project is ensuring our customers are happy as we help them design a home exterior they will love for decades. Amber contacted Pro Home Improvement to fix up her West Bloomfield home. Pro was able to update the comfort, and style of her home by replacing her siding, windows, and gutters.

West Bloomfield Siding, Gutters, and Windows

Amber reached out to Pro to give her home’s exterior some much-needed updates. After discussing her options with one of our representatives, she decided to hire us for the numerous projects she wanted to complete. An updated dark blue siding that would increase curb appeal, give her walls more insulation, and give her home a facelift. When it came to the trim for the siding and windows, she decided on a bright white that really contrasted with the blue and gave her home a modern tone. The windows she decided on were our Pro Grade triple-pane windows. With the added insulation and security provided by our window systems, she will enjoy more peace and quiet as they work to cut down on outside noise penetrating her home. Finally, she chose our 5″ gutters in a light blue to perfectly compliment both the aluminum trim and the siding. With her house completed she hardly recognizes it anymore and says she was getting compliments from the neighbors before the project was complete.

Happy customers are the goal

When we caught up with Amber at the end of the project she had nothing but good things to say about her experience working with the Pro team. She noted that there was a noticeable difference in the amount of noise pollution entering her home from the outside and that her A/C units were running less often. Watch the video above to hear what Amber said about her experience working with Pro Home Improvement.

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