Gary, Pontiac

When it comes to historic homes, certain cities and towns have restrictions on what kind of updates a homeowner can do. This is why Gary found himself running into issues replacing the windows on his new home. Located in Pontiac, Michigan’s historic district, any updates needed to be approved by a Council. The council was not happy with the idea of updating the windows on the 100-year-old home. Changing the windows on a home, especially a brick home, can greatly impact its look and feel. Though the home’s historic windows did have a distinct look, they were very outdated and lacked many common features in newer windows. This is where Pro Home Improvement came in to work with Gary and the Council to find a solution that made everyone happy. After weeks of back and forth, we were able to find a window style that did not drastically change the home’s aesthetic. With the Council happy, Gary and Pro were ready to move forward with his windows project.

On the day of installation, our windows crew arrived early in the morning and got the right to work. The first step was laying tarps around the inside and outside of each window to ensure no damage occurred to the landscaping, furniture, or flooring during install and removal. Then the hard part started, cutting 100-year-old windows with steel frames out of brick is not a walk in the park, but our window replacement experts were ready for the task. After removal, our crew secured the frames, and the new vinyl windows were carefully placed into the walls of the home. Each window featured a brown exterior, matching the original steel window frames and a white interior to match the home’s walls. Then the caulked around the edge of the window to seal up any possible drafts or leaks. Our crew completed the entire project in a single day, and Gary could not have been happier with his new window system.

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