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Vickie’s home had seen better days. The roof was leaking, her gutters were pulling away from the home and to top it all off the roof of her porch had begun to collapse. When our representative arrived at Vickie’s home he was determined to help get her home back into shape. After inspecting the property and presenting her with the best options she ultimately chose Pro Home Improvement.

First, we removed her roof. Our crew worked with extra care to ensure no damage was done to the property surrounding Vickie’s home. Most of her roof was flat and in need of some serious attention. We added new framing to the edges of the roof and built up the sides to strengthen and secure flat area. Then we installed her Hunter Green shingles. Once the finishing touches were completed on the roof our siding crew arrived to remove the old siding. This is when the roof from the porch was completely removed from the home. Her old wooden white siding was replaced with Linen siding, soffit, and trim. Green shutters were also installed around the windows on the front of the home. Finally, our gutter crew arrived to install a brand new gutter system in white.

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