Looking Back on 2016

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Looking back on 2016

Here at Pro Home Improvement, we have had a fantastic year. We settled into our new location, continued our Pro Advice, added windows to our portfolio of services and completed over 1,600 projects with happy customers. We have high hopes for the continued success of our business in 2017, but first, we’d like to look…

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Cleaning Gutters is Ridiculous

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Gutter cleaning

Gutters are important to the health of your home. They carry water far away from your house where it cannot do damage. One of the biggest reasons gutters fail is because they get clogged. And cleaning gutters is a huge pain. This is why, I wanted to tell you today, with enough time before the…

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Repairing a Santa Damaged Roof

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We are officially less than two weeks until the big day. I hope you all have your shopping underway, your meals planned and your stockings hung. Santa is preparing also, loading up his sleigh with enough presents for everyone. If you think about it, enough presents for the entire world weighs quite a bit right?…

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