Winter Blues? Insulate Your Attic!

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A big source of heat and energy loss for many homes is the attic. Proper ventilation, as well as the type and amount of insulation used, can have a big impact on how comfortable your home stays during the winter months. Insulating is something that will pay for itself many times over through reduced energy…

What El Niño Winter Means to Michigan

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US Winter Outlook from NOAA

You may have noticed this fall and winter have been a little bit more mild than in years past. Some have even managed to squeeze in a round of golf in late November! Did you know this is the result of a predictable weather cycle called El Niño? But what is El Niño and what…

Stay Warm (You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else!​)

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Pro Insulation Contractors

Pro Home Improvement is excited to announce it’s own exclusive insulation that you cannot find anywhere else, “Pro Grade” Stabilized Cellulose Insulation! We have worked on formulating the absolute best, most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly attic insulation product possible. Here’s why it’s the best on the market: Performance – Our “Pro Grade” Stabilized Cellulose Insulation…

Winter is Coming

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Your attic can have a huge effect on the life of your roof and on your utility bill. It might be worth checking on how well it is insulated, especially since that harsh Michigan winter is coming up quickly as we approach the end of September. The Department of Energy estimates that a properly insulated…