Safely Hanging Holiday Lights

Winter Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Hanging Christmas Lights

If you’re like us, you like to get festive around this time of year and there’s no better way to show it than with a beautiful display of holiday lights on your home.

Inspect Attic Insulation

Fall Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Attic Insulation

While an attic is often used only for storage, it doesn’t mean it should be left unattended or overlooked. Attics should be inspected at least once a year to identify any problems or potential threats to the overall safety of your home. Common issues that attic inspections can bring to light include fire damage, water…

Replacing a Broken Piece of Siding

Summer Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Replacing broken siding

Siding is not only an exterior protection for your home, it also is a vital contributor to curb appeal. Although it is very durable, is not indestructible. Whether your siding is cracked after a harsh storm or, damaged due to pesky insects, a siding replacement is the perfect fix. The replacement can be done in…

Inspecting Your Home’s Attic and Basement

Do it Yourself, Summer Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Attic inspection

Inspecting your attic and basement is more than just walking through and looking for trouble spots. It requires looking at very specific areas and aspects of your home’s structure and being able to immediately identify red flags that an issue is occurring. Often times, the attic and basement are areas of the home that are…

Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding

Do it Yourself, Spring Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Cleaning vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is amazing. It has truly lead to a revolution in how today’s homes look and are maintained. The U.S. Census Bureau says that vinyl siding has been the most popular exterior cladding since 1995 and that shows no signs of changing in 2018. It lasts much longer than wood or metal and requires…

Checking Your Sprinkler System

Spring Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Check your sprinklers

It seems like spring may never arrive here in Michigan, with the late snow and ice we’ve seen recently. But if we’re allowed to be optimistic for a minute, we need to remember the upcoming spring weather and maintenance that we need to do to prepare. One of the most common issues with spring weather…

Checking Your Home’s Foundation

Spring Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Spring Maintenance Tip: Checking Foundatio

Foundation problems are a big deal – they can lead to some of the most costly repairs you could ever make to your home. Potential buyers will surely steer clear of any house that has foundation problems, so what can you do to prevent issues with your foundation from arising and how can you check…

Bathroom Ventilation and Attic Issues

Home Maintenance Average read time: 2 minutes
Bathroom ventilation running into the attic

If you use an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you are trying to reduce the moisture build-up in your home from taking a shower. But do you know where that wet, warm air gets pushed? We find dozens of issues related to this very problem: disconnected, broken or improperly installed exhaust fans from bathrooms can…

The Invisible Danger in Your Basement

Home Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Radiation warning symbol

Most of the public is aware of the fact that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in the US today. But are you aware of the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer? It’s not the result of a lifestyle choice or even genetics. It’s a natural result of our surrounding geology and it’s…

The Danger with Chimneys

Home Maintenance Average read time: 3 minutes
Fireplace in home

Colder weather drives most of us indoors for months, cuddling up under blankets and if you’re lucky, around a fire in the fireplace. Fireplaces are a source of enjoyment and inexpensive heat in Michigan, but they can lead to many issues that, if not properly cared for, can destroy your home and endanger your family.…