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Bathroom Ventilation and Attic Issues

Bathroom ventilation running into the attic

If you use an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you are trying to reduce the moisture build-up in your home from taking a shower. But do you know where that wet, warm air gets pushed? We find dozens of issues related to this very problem: disconnected, broken or improperly installed exhaust fans from bathrooms can […]

The Invisible Danger in Your Basement

Radiation warning symbol

Most of the public is aware of the fact that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in the US today. But are you aware of the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer? It’s not the result of a lifestyle choice or even genetics. It’s a natural result of our surrounding geology and it’s […]

The Danger with Chimneys

Fireplace in home

Colder weather drives most of us indoors for months, cuddling up under blankets and if you’re lucky, around a fire in the fireplace. Fireplaces are a source of enjoyment and inexpensive heat in Michigan, but they can lead to many issues that, if not properly cared for, can destroy your home and endanger your family. […]